Textile design for Margaret Howell exhibition, window mounted and framed in black tulip

Custom hand made ash moulding in studio, 90mm deel with 6mm rebate depth for Gasworks exhibition

 Etched and paternated copper work by Dan Coopey, floated with 20mm shadow gap and framed in 60mm deep oak stained graphite jacobean

Prototyping viewers for project with Jim Naughen on his Sterography photography show and book
 you can see more on his website  http://www.jimnaughten.com/project/animal-kingdom/
 This is what it looked like, we call it the metronome design, hand made and veneered in cherry wood, the 2 lenses mean the 2 images you see come together to form a 3D image, a victorian invention with our design that looks incredible

The 2 images above are the prototype for Jim Naughtens exhibition viewer, this one uses magic internally to make the eye view the duel image (see below) as one three dimensional picture. Had cherry vennered MDF CNC'd and I assembled them for his exhibition at the Horniman museum

Below is one of Jim's framed prints, drymounted and framed full bleed in deep natural cherry with museum glass.  


multi float mounted series of artsit stamping the water

2 works on paper by Ross Taylor float mounted and framed in hand mixed painted frames

Communist russian print, screen printed onto William Morris wallpaper, framed full bleed in white tulip box frame


6 portraits 'Portrait Beard' window mounted and framed in black ash for Gavin Turk

3 x prints mounted onto aluminium and float mounted within black box frame for RA arcitecture show

 Print by Jessica Rayner, print dry mounted and framed behind etched glass so you look through the glass onto the image in sprayed grey frame

 Amazing art brut piece, only realised it was double sided after the client left so double glazed it for him as a surprise. It was an amazing work

 Drawing by Paul Housley, foated within wide window mount and framed in white painted tulip

Painting by Gavin Turk, edged with 12mm white fillet, float mounted and framed in ornate frame hand mixed and painted grey

Series of prints by Sam Nias, framed in bespoke oak box frames with hand carved, curved fillets giving the eternal full bleed

Framed video piece for Gavin Turk "Mechanical Turk' Ver complex frame with added hand carved sweep behind it, double linen and grey window mount -  it looks great!

Beautiful drawings by Joel Tomin, float mounted within a window mount and frame in painted white tulip frame for show at Belmacz

 2 cabinets made to presnt works for the Koestler trust exhibition at the south bank for the exhibition, art by offendere. 
These where 22 incredible carved bars of soap
In the workshop hand routing some bespoke moulding

3 Amazing Tal R woodcuts framed in thin deep ash box frames

Projection display unit with circular cut mount for Jessica Rayner. All corners with invisible dowel joints

Computerised cut patterned mount in dusty blue frame with top bar missing and museum glass, work by Madalina Zaharia for show at Tintype gallery

Very thin custom made sapele wood moulding with sapele vaneered backing board, stained dark brown with float mounted paintings on paper bPatrizio Di Massimo for 'The Lustful Turk' exhibition at Gasworks

Installation shot - photos by  

Interlocking frames with glass and mirror for artist Renata Lucus for auction at Christies. All moulding having custom made routed sections and lap jointed together, mirror having to be drilled in order to cut the right angle from it.

16 white box frames for show at the white cube by artist Rodrigo Garcia-dutra

Hand painted frames, every side/surface of the frame is a different colour with 4 stepped colour window mounts for the beautiful print by Rose de Borman

Display units for Margaret Howell on Wigmore street

Chunky solid black ash tray frame with gold slip and 20mm shadow gap for a painting by Paul Housley


Laminated 6mm MDF to form 12 and 18mm panels and then joined together to frame art work

2 sided/see through frame to show front and back of art work

screen print on the glass and then framed screen print - artist - Becky Ackroyd

2 dark oak frames for artist Olly Clegg, both with carved lettering on the frame

antique frame sourced for work by Geraldine Swayne

mirror image window mount for artist Sofie Grevelius

multi card float mount for artist Olly Clegg

Deep white box frame for Brigit Riley print

photo dry mounted onto aluminium then float mounted within deep white box frame - photographer Jackie Dewe Mathews

custom made clip frames with split batons for artist Becky Ackroyd

Drawings by Tom Hammick all individually framed - total of 50

Lazor engraver QR codes onto 8 parts of frame to take the viewer to the architects website when scanned - AND IT WORKED.

original designs and photographs by Margaret Howell for Margaret Howell

Large Richard Deacon print framed in deep white box frame

framed canvas with stilt legs for when work cannot be hung on the wall

28 Chris Ofili prints for Victoria Miro gallery, float mounted within a window mount in dark oak frame

Wade frames, sponsored framer for Whitechapel gallery auction - Art Plus Fashion - photo from the auction

wood cut by Tom Hammick for the RA summer show

Dark oak tray frame for painting by Grant Foster

Tiny white tray frames for enamel paintings on metal plates by Geraldine Swayne showing at Fred Gallery

Bespoke crates made - work by Laura Buckley

multi composite drawings float mounted in deep stained walnut box frame - artist Xavier Poultney